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Ielts Sprint Review guide

2018-01-12 11:12:00

Ielts review, not a few days, a few weeks can be taken down, the amount of accumulation, to a certain extent in order to occur qualitative change. Let's share [IELTS test sprint review guide]


Ielts 2013 is scheduled every month, some test dates are listed in the table below: 22 June 2013 A/G 6 July 2013 A/G 13 July 2013 A 18 July 2013 A 27 July 2013 A/G


Many people who have experienced the IELTS test will sum up some experience, most people want to set aside 15 days to memorize words, vocabulary, consolidation. In fact, it also shows that these people are unfamiliar with IELTS misunderstanding. In fact, it is best to use it in daily life, so that IELTS vocabulary is connected with life, so as to review and consolidate more profound.


The information illegally crawled from experience


Writing We do not know whether to read English news, English newspaper impurities habit, if so, very good, these platforms, media can comprehensively improve your reading ability and writing level. Due to time constraints, you may wish to closely read the true proposition of Cambridge IELTS, which is a good method for students who pursue 7 points. Finally, you need to form your own writing style and form your own words.


Oral English can still be analyzed and prepared from the representative topics of tics in the question bank of the last 2 months. Ielts speaking questions are relatively stable, the repetition rate is compared, which is an advantage for candidates.