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I want to know who zzr is

2018-03-13 20:48:52

zzr is a hitter on Team SNAKE. zzr is the former Snake team's combat field, but after the Snake team disbanded zzr also chose to retire, after retiring zzr became an anchor, but also attracted a number of fans because of the interesting live streaming style. zzr's real name is Zeng Zhanran, is the former Snake team of wild players, in the Snake team Snake called zzr, later renamed LNG, the most representative of the new generation of wild, used a spider in front of the idol EDG Mingkai Clearlove to clear his name, after the snake team disbanded, zzr also retired together. League of Legends features system classic mode Classic Summoner canyon mode, to destroy each other's crystal hub as the goal, twisted jungle only 6 players and two soldier lines, rule the battlefield to compete for points on the map of the stronghold of the game mode, polar chaos, everyone choose heroes, the map only one soldier line, only after death can return to the base supply and consumption. Six kill mode, 12 players divided into 6V6 duel mode, Doom-machine mode, players against extremely skilled IMBA computer mode, ascension mode, in the Crystal Scar to compete for the ascension mode, become the ascension of the player's strength will be greatly enhanced, Soulo chaos, fighting around the Soulo King in the howling abyss, The team that summons King Zurillo will increase its combat strength. Clone battle, your team will use the hero after voting to choose the hero you want to use. Mirror mode, after both sides vote to choose the hero they want to use, everyone will use the hero to fight, black market chaos, players can use the special gold in this mode to hire special minions, buy special items and so on.