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How to wash the range hood

2018-01-12 20:48:00

The range hood is a good helper in the modern family kitchen, but how to clean the range hood often makes housewives very vexed, the following introduces some small secret recipe, I hope to help you.


Enzyme lotion






Remove the fan leaf carefully, dissolve about 1 tablespoon of the enzyme lotion in warm water, soak the fan leaf in the enzyme solution for about 15 minutes, and then scrub with a clean wipe.


The body and oil storage box of the range hood are also cleaned with this solution, filled with enzyme solution in the watering can, sprayed in the fuselage, and can be polished as new after a while.


Glue prevention. After the cleaned fan leaves are dried, apply a layer of office glue. After several months of use, the oil on the fan leaves is torn off in pieces. The oil is all stuck on the glue layer, which is convenient and clean.

Warm reminder

After the ordinary kitchen rag is wiped with oil, no matter how much cleaning agent is used, it will leave deep stain marks and is difficult to clean. You can choose to wipe the ultrafine plant fiber wipe, no matter how dirty things, a wash can be clean.


It is necessary to pay attention to keep the temperature of the enzyme lotion solution at about 40℃, and the detergency is good. This enzyme lotion solution has been shown to be non-irritating to the skin of the hand and the mucous membrane of the eye, non-corrosive to the range hood, and the surface remains intact after cleaning.