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How to use toilet paper correctly

2018-04-14 16:00:22

Toilet paper is a must for every family, some people will also use it as a universal substitute, in addition to using it in the toilet, but also use it to wipe the table, wipe shoes, when the child napkin, wipe nose, etc., feel very convenient, but also to force, in the end these practices are not suitable, how to use toilet paper correctly?


There is a baby at home, if used to wipe the mouth or hands, it is best not to use toilet paper, use paper towels or wipes is more appropriate, and it is best to buy baby special, and clean and hygienic.


In the cold, we often use toilet paper to wipe the nose, because the toilet paper to contact the nose and mouth, so try to choose good quality, it is best to be natural toilet paper, do not add artificial materials of the kind, is safer.


Some people will put a roll of toilet paper on the table when they eat, in order to use it convenient, the whole family tear with, do not know that the toilet paper contains bacteria, is not suitable for use at the table, it is best to choose napkins when eating is clean and hygienic.


Some people like to use toilet paper to wipe shoes, not sneakers or leather shoes, take it to wipe, in fact, use toilet paper to wipe shoes is not only a waste, but also on the shoes will leave a lot of toilet paper white residue, in fact, shoes with a soft cloth is best.


Some people like to use toilet paper to wipe the bowl, feel that toilet paper is particularly oil-absorbing, can also make the bowl a little faster dry, in fact, this is not sanitary, good practice is to wash the bowl with a special dish towel and dishwashing detergent after washing, rinse repeatedly several times, and then put in the drain basket to drain.


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