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How to use solar water heater?

2018-05-09 22:24:05

For people with a fast pace of life, the most relaxing time every day should be the time to take a comfortable hot bath after work, and the use of hot water has become a top concern in people's lives. Solar water heaters use solar light energy to convert into heat energy, thus heating water from low temperature to high temperature, meeting people's needs for hot water use in life and production. Then let's look at the use of solar water heaters.


Solar water heater


Observe the weather conditions before use to determine the amount of water.


Add cold water to the water tank, open the cold water valve, temperature control valve, cold water through the cold water, cold water valve, temperature control valve, upper and lower water nozzle into the water tank, and close the cold water valve when there is water overflow, then the water is finished.


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After the water heater is used, non-professionals should not easily move, load and unload the whole machine, so as not to damage key components.

Matters needing attention

The entire installation process of the solar water heater is installed by a professional master, and non-professionals should not easily move and load the machine after installation and use. Solar water heaters are very convenient to use, can meet the daily needs of multi-family life, for many families need to provide an ideal and comfortable hot water lifestyle.