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How to use network teaching means to promote the opening of teaching objectives

2018-05-08 01:36:41

Teaching goals are expected teaching results, which can be divided into substantive goals and developmental goals. The substantive goal is to enable students to master certain knowledge and skills through teaching; Developmental goals include developing students' physical and psychological qualities and abilities. In the actual primary school mathematics teaching, teaching objectives should reflect the unity of substantive objectives and developmental objectives, in which substantive objectives are the foundation and developmental objectives are the core. The use of network teaching means can make these two goals more harmonious unity, but also further promote the opening of mathematics classroom teaching goals.


(1) Knowledge: Enable students to understand the circumference of a circle and the meaning of PI through independent learning and cooperation, master the formula for calculating the circumference of a circle, and correctly calculate the circumference of a circle.


In terms of ability: With the help of computer network and function, we can cultivate students' ability of independent learning, hands-on thinking and the spirit of unity, cooperation and courage to explore. Through practice and exploration, we can master the rules and develop students' practical application ability.


In terms of ideology and moral character: Through introduction and online search to collect examples and data about ancient Chinese mathematician Zu Chongzhi, to stimulate students' national pride. In terms of the above aspects of teaching objectives, openness is relatively strong, students' attention, memory, observation, thinking and imagination such cognitive factors have been further cultivated, attention has been paid to the development of students' emotions, will, interests, hobbies and other non-cognitive factors, and students' basic abilities in expression, organization, operation and creation have also been effectively developed.