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How to Sleep less and sleep better

2018-01-13 19:12:00

Relevant medical experts have summarized a set of "14 methods to help you sleep", as long as you start now, you can help you return to sleep.


(1) Taking a walk in the morning light will shorten the sleep cycle and make it easier to fall asleep after you go to bed at night. Because sunlight causes the pineal gland in the brain to release melatonin earlier, intense artificial light has the same effect. Conversely, if you find that you fall asleep too early at night, you may want to get more sunlight in the afternoon or evening. This will start your sleep cycle and delay falling asleep.


(2) Exercise shortens your sleep cycle. If you are a night person, your mind usually becomes active after midnight. However, after a long day of cycling, your sleep cycle will shorten, you will go to bed earlier at night, you will sleep better, and you will wake up early the next day.


(3) Appropriately raising body temperature at night will be conducive to sleep. Take a sauna or hot bath for at least 15 minutes to achieve this effect.


(4) Sleep during the day should not be more than an hour, and should not go to sleep after 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, otherwise there will be no sleepiness at night.


(5) Various foods and beverages containing caffeine, such as chocolate, coffee, tea, etc., are best avoided after dinner, because caffeine will excite the brain and cause insomnia.


(6) Drink less water at night, drinking too much water will increase the number of toilet visits throughout the night, thus affecting sleep.


(7) An hour before going to bed, stop strong mental activities, can watch some easy reading books or comedy TV movies, so that the brain relax. You can also consider taking care of some trivial household chores, etc., and then washing up and going to bed.


(8) Under the guidance of the doctor, supplement magnesium, calcium, complex vitamin B, etc., can make sleep better.


(9) Don't go to bed until you're sleepy. Use the bed only for sleeping. Do not watch TV, eat, read or play in the bed. If you still can't sleep after 15 minutes in bed, get out of bed and read something light instead of tossing and turning. Staying in bed will only make you get out of bed and lose sleep.


(10) Install a soundproof window and hang thick curtains to ensure that the bedroom is completely soundproofed.


(11) If the morning sun can enter your bedroom, consider wearing an eye mask when you sleep.


(12) Unless there is an urgent matter, it is best to turn it off at night and open it again in the morning, so as not to be disturbed by unexpected sounds in the midnight or early morning.


(13) Try relaxation techniques, there are many options for you, such as muscle relaxation, functional feedback therapy, yoga, etc. Here is a method that is effective for many people: ① After going to bed, lie on your back in bed, shake and relax one leg first, and take a few slow abdominal deep breaths; Relax the other leg and take a few more relaxing breaths. Next, relax your arms, shoulders, and neck. Then relax your facial muscles, especially your eyes and mouth. Remember to take a deep breath each time you relax your muscles, and before you know it, you'll be asleep.


(14) Get up at the same time every morning so that you have a regular sleep routine.