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How to play Anno 1404

2018-03-14 09:36:08

Anno 1404 Chinese Version is a title in Ubisoft's Anno series. This is a strategy building type of game, players in the game will play a king, for the development of their own country to lead their country to glory


I assume you don't play the campaign in Direct Free mode? Can tell you that the Anno series games are more difficult to play, if you play free mode, the opponent is best to choose only one (you are a novice), choose the opponent at the top of the opponent list, because those are easier. Then set up, turn your advantage to the maximum, say a lot, natural disasters rarely etc.


You start on an island with a warehouse, only one can be built on an island, the same as for the Harbour Authority (later you will know what buildings come from), it records your, you first have to build fisherman's hut to catch fish, build market (necessary) municipal (important), and then build a lot of workers' housing, so you have workers.


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


In the beginning you have to buy a ship from a pirate, Anno 1404 any transaction requires a ship, take yours to someone else, buy someone else's back. There is also an Indian in the game, he is the key to unlocking the building, you have to go to a businessman in the West to spend prestige to buy valuable items (name forgot) 300 prestige a gift to him, and then immediately find a yellow continent to build their own colony, how to build it? There are timber and tools in the boat near the shore in the lower right hand corner of the boat status bar where there is a building sign, which can be pressed to build a dock, of course, this island was not developed by "you".


The market can be upgraded, and any building built must be in the market area, except for the workers' houses, which must also be in the municipality, because he needs the municipality to upgrade. The building of this game is best connected with the road, otherwise the goods will not be shipped. More people will naturally upgrade or unlock the building, and you will do what people need, but be aware that the top left of the screen is the type of crops that are suitable for growing on the island, you don't want to plant plants in an unsuitable island. Warships can buy to buy, if you want to make trouble, at least some gentlemen do not say, but also to build weapons, weapons but iron tools, some of the early you invest, find pirates to buy the fastest. There's also diplomacy, where you have time to ask your opponents to pay you tribute, of course you have to use force. That's it. You'll get to what I said above and you'll understand it pretty well, it's basic, you've learned the rest and you can teach yourself. It's all about economy, production, maritime trade, colonization.