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How to massage different parts of the body

2018-01-13 08:00:00

If you and your loved one enjoy exploring each other's senses together, then let the massage take you into a relaxing, fun space! This kind of massage can make the relationship become closer.


Before the massage, you can prepare a massage mat, or simply pull out a folding mattress. If you have a solid dining table at home, you can also put a sponge mat or blanket on it, and a pillow or towel to cover it with during the massage. You need to prepare some massage oil, or massage lotion, you can also choose an essential oil with relaxing effects, cedar, cinnamon, clove, etc.


The first step of the massage is to have the partner lie down on his or her stomach with the arms hanging at his or her sides and the head and neck relaxed without turning. Use a pillow or a thick towel to support your partner's body. Put a towel or a thin blanket over your back, rub your hands together for a few seconds to warm them up, then pour a few spoonfuls of lube on the palms and prepare to gently massage your partner.


How to massage his face: Wrap your hands and fingers around his jaw and chin, then massage your hands up the jaw bone and into the ear, gently brushing your fingers up and out across his cheeks, and repeat several times. Carefully massage your partner's lips with your fingertips, gently and gently massaging the sides, lips, shoulders, and back. Spend a minute or two massaging the top of the shoulders. You'll find a series of points where you can apply pressure to remove the stiffness in his neck.


How to massage his legs and buttocks: Move to your partner's lower body and massage his buttocks, firmly kneading the fleshy area of the buttocks, using the hand snatch to knead the muscles, and moving the thumb and four fingers to the important thick layers. Open the intersection of gluteus muscle and thigh posterior muscle with two thumbs, and then massage the fold area and the lower border of frontal bone several times. And then you pinch each leg from the butt to the toes, and in the thigh muscles, you alternate quickly, you spread your fingers, and you press a little harder. r


How to Massage his arm: In a back and forth flow, massage the top of the arm, from shoulder to wrist, keeping your thumb on top and your fingers around the arm. Try a cross massage and massage the largest muscles of your arms. Then pull his arms to extend them, massage the palms and wrists, and gently pull his fingers out. Repeat with the other hand.


How to massage his head and neck: Return your hands to your partner's shoulders, spend a few minutes massaging his neck, then work up into his hair, letting your fingers spread, and massage his entire scalp as if you were washing his hair. Then, with one hand on one side, your thumb under your ear, and your fingers behind your skull, pull gently toward you. This will relax the tension in the head. Then massage the ears, alternately massage the temples, cheeks, and jaw.


How to massage the feet: Massage the feet from the ankle, with the fingers of both hands around the partner's foot, massage the heel, the ball of the foot and the outer edge of the foot. Then, massage your thumb along the tendons and bones to the front of the foot, and do it again by rubbing. Hold each toe between your thumb and forefinger, rubbing it back and forth, and gently pulling it outward. Use your thumb to press down on the outer edge of his foot just below the little toe, and allow this pressure to continue for a few seconds when you can. This will stimulate the acupoints that relieve pressure on the shoulders. Repeat the same motion on the other foot.

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