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How to install the trackless sliding door

2018-04-13 04:48:23

Many people in the modern decoration will choose the trackless sliding door, then, how to install the trackless sliding door? The following with Luban home master together to learn the installation method of the sliding door.


During installation, align the 500mm horizontal line with the coordinate reference line, and determine the installation position line of the upper beam, side frame plate and lower guide rail.


Screw the upper beam to the top of the door opening. If there is a side frame, use screws to secure the side frame to one side of the opening wall.


Remove the bolts and nuts from the hangings, cover them on the I-rail, then screw the I-rail to the bottom of the upper beam.


Secure the lower guide rail with expansion bolts or plastic expansion screws.


When installing the door, first install the suspension bolt into the special hole on the top of the top of the door, use the wooden wedge to make the door flush with the lower guide rail, then use the nut to fix the suspension bolt and pendant, check whether the door is consistent with the side frame plate, and install the decorative panel after fixing the door.

Matters needing attention

This unique structure of the trackless sliding door has certain particularity in installation. The most important point is to ensure the strength of the top rail.


Because like a normal sliding door, all the weight is pressed on the ground rail, and the ground rail is supported by the ground, so it will not be deformed.


However, when the trackless structure is used, the weight of the door is all concentrated on the hanging rail, especially when the door is wider, it is easier to bend the track, so it needs to be made of thicker profiles, while ensuring the installation strength.