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How to get the holiday benefits?

2018-03-13 17:36:30

Every Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other statutory holidays, Hitch has some rewards for passengers and owners, you can get more income or save money.


The Spring Festival is approaching soon, Hitch launched the New Year's welfare activities, we can open the client, update to the latest version, and then prepare to grab the New Year's welfare.


General welfare activities will be directly launched, so we choose a good welfare activity, we can directly grab red envelopes. This benefit starts at 8 a.m. and is available for a limited number of people.


After clicking on the red envelope, you will be sent some benefits, the owner of the order reward cash, in the specified date, after the completion of the hitch order, there will be an extra amount of money.


Pay attention to the use of benefits to date, must be in the indicative period. When receiving orders, pay attention to communicating with passengers in advance to avoid being late or being complained by passengers for other reasons.


Spring Festival home more people, so there are more cross-city carpooling, hitchhiking is a good carpooling method, both money saving and convenient, but pay special attention to safety, choose the owner of high trust value.


When taking a ride across the city to go home, female passengers should pay attention to the best to take a female driver's car, so it is safer, after all, long distance home, a doze on the road, male drivers have a lot of uncertain factors.

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