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How to escape a fire in a high-rise building

2018-05-09 01:36:27

Once a high-rise building fires, how to escape and save yourself? The following is to introduce some escape self-rescue knowledge.


One, take the fire exit, never take the elevator. It is necessary to understand and be familiar with the evacuation channels and safety exits of the residence in advance, so that you have a good idea in case. Do not take the elevator, because after the fire, the elevator may be power outage or out of control, and it is easy to produce the effect of a chimney, people can find the indicator light or indicating signs to escape.


Second, if there is a fire in the room, use a fire extinguisher or fire hydrant to extinguish it as soon as possible. When a fire occurs in the room, do not panic, you can use a fire extinguisher or fire hydrant to extinguish the first time, at this time should also call the people around to participate in the fire and alarm, if the fire can not be controlled, you should immediately evacuate yourself, and when you go to close the door to prevent smoke from entering the corridor. After escaping the fire, do not worry about the items left indoors, and then return to get it.


This page is taken from experience without authorization


Fourth, live on a higher floor, can not blindly jump off the building. When the fire and smoke have closed the channel, all doors and Windows should be closed inside the door to prevent air convection, delay the speed of flame spread, and use some cloth to block the gaps in the doors and Windows, if conditions are available, you can pour water on the doors and Windows to reduce its temperature, waiting for rescue. If the deep floor is higher, you can not blindly jump, to send out a signal for help, you can throw some sofa cushions, pillows these soft objects, you can turn on the flashlight at night, so that the people below can know that there are people here, can help.


Fifth, emergency escape in case of smoke, with wet towels or clothes to cover the mouth and nose. When you leave the room and find that the fire is on this floor, you should run to the nearest known emergency evacuation exit as soon as possible, and the fire door should be closed in time. If the corridor is blocked or surrounded by smoke, you should try to lower the height of the body, especially the head, and block your mouth and nose with wet towels or clothes.


Learn to use fire extinguishers and indoor fire hydrants properly. The correct use of the fire extinguisher: hold the handle of the fire extinguisher by hand, smoothly and quickly lift to the fire, and pull out the safety pin (the person should stand in the upwind direction) at a place about 5 meters away from the combustion; Hold the spray with one hand, point the fire extinguisher nozzle at the root of the fire source, and press the pressure handle with the other hand; Aim at the root of the flame, swinging from side to side, spraying from outside to inside, from near to far.