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How to determine the quality of a postgraduate training institution?

2018-03-15 08:00:48

I summarized some methods, through this method, I can not say that I can completely judge the actual situation of a postgraduate examination institution (complete judgment is obviously impossible), but at least I will not encounter a fake training institution, I can not say that I can find a good one (good standards are not fixed, depending on what dimension you consider). But at least an average level of organization can be found. In this method, the three look means to see what kind of institution is a good institution, the five research is five points that need to be carefully paid attention to, and the three do not look means that you do not look at the three points.





What kind of training institution is good?

What kind of organization is a good organization, nothing more than three points, legal, reasonable and qualified.


Legal: The most important thing for an institution is legal, you go to a legal institution to talk about rights and interests, really there is a dispute, at least the institution will not be reckless to bully you. Legitimate needs include legitimate qualifications, as well as good corporate credit history, these things can also be found through some websites, the source of information is the national enterprise information publicity website, do not be afraid to find the information is false.


Reasonable: need to conform to some industry rules, such as the training cycle, such as the pricing of training fees (too expensive is abnormal, too cheap must have a secret, pay attention to ah, I said is too cheap), and reasonable publicity.


Qualified: He is a qualified enterprise in the industry of postgraduate examination training, where is qualified? Reflected in his mature training system and service system, simply said that from here graduated a lot of students, there are lessons from the past.

Five certificates for examination

The above three points are mostly theoretical things, not practical methods, so the following five points are the way to actually land the operation.


Qualification: Just mentioned, qualification is very important, legal qualification can at least ensure that the entrance examination institution is not a fake training institution, and can maximize your legitimate rights and interests. The simplest way to see the qualification is to see the "enterprise credit publicity system", the website is the country, the data is also from the country, so the authenticity and reliability of the data can be guaranteed, on this you can see the establishment time of the institution you are looking for, legal person, shareholders, whether there is a bad credit record, and whether there is a legitimate business qualification. There is no hiding place for some organizations that do not have training qualifications.


Course: Everything else is secondary, the most important thing you go to training is to study the course, so it is necessary to look at the course.


Reality: teaching reality inspection, under normal circumstances, training institutions will invite you to visit, you can take a good look at some of the actual situation of training institutions when you visit,


Audition: Audition is a good opportunity to find out the real situation of the training institution!


Word of mouth: Word of mouth is to see if you know anyone who has received training.

Analysis with examples

There are (including not limited to) : research recruitment network, Juying Research network, East Star Research network, Minghai Research network, etc. (too many, not to list) through the method just introduced to judge the choice! I believe we can find a good organization!

Matters needing attention

Any fake institution will not survive for too long, can survive for a long time, there must be his special!