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How to convert mpeg video to mp4

2018-04-15 12:48:32

mpeg format video files may be a little rare, and mpeg format video compatibility seems not too optimistic. And some software does not have a decoder, so if you want to play mpeg video files directly, you must convert mpeg files to mp4 format. Okay, here's how to convert mpeg video to mp4. Let's take a look.




1, the first to open the software is to choose a function, the software supports a lot of operations. But this time you're converting the video format, so click on the video Convert and then add the mpeg video to the software. You can either click the Add File button or click the Add Folder button to import mpeg videos.


2, then you need to choose a place to save the successful conversion of mp4 video files. I believe that many people are saved on the desktop, small files can be saved on the desktop, but the file is large or the desktop memory is not much can not be placed on the desktop. Click Change Path to change it.


This page is based on experience


4, then you can convert mpeg format video. Click Convert All or click Convert button, and then wait until the software converts to 100 percent, that is, the conversion is complete. Then you can see where the mp4 video was saved.


5, after the conversion is completed, you can click the open button or open along the save path to see the mp4 video. Then double click to play it.

Matters needing attention

Stop it. The above five steps are the method of converting mpeg video to mp4 format.