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How to clean home range hood

2018-01-12 19:12:00

The family range hood has been used for a long time, the oil storage box will be full of waste oil, and the wall of the range hood has a thick layer of oil dirt. How should it be cleaned? Xiaobian will share the daily tips.


One plastic bag or garbage bag


A scraper


Step 1 Clean the oil storage box. Put a plastic bag around the oil storage box, cover the oil storage box, find the small hole on the oil storage box, open the small hole, gently pour the waste oil into the plastic bag.


Step 2 Clean the wall of the range hood. Use a scraper to gently scrape away the thick oil dirt on the wall of the lampblack machine, and put the oil dirt scraped out into the plastic bag.


Step 3 Clean the whole body of the range hood. Hot cloth with detergent, gently rub the foam, with the cloth again scrub the wall of the range hood and oil storage box body, wipe several times, the range hood will be clean!

Matters needing attention

Scrub hot towels to remove grease easily