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How to choose a liquefied gas stove

2018-01-13 16:00:00

Because liquefied petroleum gas, gas for civil fuel has many advantages, in the rapid development of the national economy at the same time, liquefied petroleum gas, gas business has also been rapid development. Cookware as an important part of the family liquefied petroleum gas, gas equipment, can be said to be closely related to the production, life and life and property safety of the majority of people, but the dazzling, wide variety, good and bad cookware market often makes consumers at a loss. So how can consumers correctly buy cookware, how can we use a simple and intuitive method to roughly judge the quality of cookware? According to the experience in the actual inspection work, the quality inspection department reminds consumers that the following points should be paid attention to when purchasing cookware, which is only for the reference of the majority of consumers when choosing. 1, the purchase should go to large shopping malls or business scope of the cooker franchise, and should pay attention to whether the cooker has a certificate. 2. Whether the appearance quality of the cooker is firm and reliable, whether the mechanism is reasonable, and whether the workmanship is fine. 3, when you buy good, do not rush to take away, should be a field ignition test, a good stove should not temper, not off the fire. The combustion is stable, the fire is small and no black smoke occurs, and the fire is blue. 4, the parts of the stove should be installed firmly, the panel should have a certain strength. 5, should have a good after-sales service guarantee system. When consumers buy cookware, they should combine the above points and choose beautiful and high-quality products according to personal aesthetic taste. Finally, I would like to advise consumers not to be greedy for a cheap time and cause a lot of inconvenience in the future. At the same time, welcome consumers to come to consult.