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How to buy lamps and need to pay attention to aspects

2018-01-13 09:36:00

In home decoration, how to choose lamps, this is a very distressing thing, lamps are not only the role of lighting, beautiful lamps are also decorations, a beautiful lamps bring different tastes to the home, how to choose a beautiful and suitable lamp? Let's take a look.


When choosing, the first is to choose the style according to their actual requirements and preferences, and according to the color of the lamp and the decoration style of their own home should be coordinated, the choice of lamps should consider the style of furniture, household appliances, the color of the background wall, otherwise it is different from the overall style.


The size of the lamp should be combined with the indoor area and the height of the floor, the furniture and the phase should be configured with the size, the size should be suitable, so as not to appear crowded, if the height is low, the ceiling lamp can be used, the hanging chandelier will be too short, obstructing the normal line of sight, the height of the chandelier installation, the lowest point is not less than 2 meters from the ground. Considering the above factors, as well as the lighting brightness of the lamp extrusion, try to buy not too dark, not too harsh, uniform brightness and comfortable lights.

Matters needing attention

Buy lights, choose a good home before and after sales, it is more secure, buy rest assured