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How to buy heightening shoes

2018-04-14 00:00:34

As we all know, booster shoes can make people "tall and straight" without anyone noticing, and more importantly, it can boost your confidence. But how to choose their own shoes to raise the difficulty for many people, don't worry, take a look at the experience shared by Xiaobian.


1, select the use of increasing insoles is the most cost-effective way to increase, remember that not all shoes can be stuffed into increasing insoles, so try to choose those shoes with a higher upper to test the insoles.


2. Try a Lower Insole A pair of shoes with a 2-inch raised insole look just like regular shoes, except that the heel is slightly higher or the sole is slightly thicker, so you don't have to sacrifice style.


3. Try a slightly higher insoles A pair of shoes with a 4-inch booster insoles looks less natural because the sole looks thicker from the side.


4, try the combination of increasing shoes + insoles There is also a kind of increasing shoes, itself has a slightly higher heel, and the internal increase insoles. Wearing it is natural and heightening, it can be described as the best of both worlds.


5, Choose the right style Compared to the ugly and outdated old booster shoes of the past, there are now every style on the market, whether it is sports, leisure or business, you are sure to find the right shoes.


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