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How to buy birdwatching binoculars birdwatching glasses

2018-05-15 11:12:27

With the gradual acceptance of ecological environmental protection, birdwatching activities are also driven up, birdwatching mirror is the best equipment for birdwatching, so how should we buy a suitable for our own birdwatching mirror? In general, the telescope is divided into two kinds of binoculars and monoculars, it is recommended that if you are just starting to contact the telescope, it is best to choose binoculars, because the multiple of the monoculars is high, large volume, heavy weight, and high price, you must use the Angle frame support when using, the beginner is not easy to control. Although the bird figure that can be seen by the multiple of the monoculars is larger, but also because of the high multiple and narrow field of view, it is not easy to lock the target, often from the lens for a long time, what birds can not find, and it is quite a blow to bird watching interest. It is a more cost-effective option for beginners, and should be made according to the stage of the purchase of monoculars. Here is how to buy a monoculars suitable for bird watching, divided into the following points:


The first telescope to buy do not harm the eyes, 7-10 times the most suitable for bird watching. Because it has a moderate weight, is not easy to shake, and is less laborious to use for a long time, more than ten times will be too heavy.


The needs of ecological equipment for shooting birds are different from those for general photography. Why do you say that? Because many birds live in complex ecological environments, auto focus is not easy to work, but manual focus is convenient; But the auto-reel feature is necessary in order to catch fleeting bird tracks. Of course, a stable enough Angle frame to support the long lens of a heavy telescope, and a medium and large flash with an exposure index of 30 to 60 are also indispensable equipment.


The shooting lens, or the 300MM to 400MM lens with two or four times the double mirror, although the quality is not very good, but after the skill is perfected, the interest will be cultivated, and then it is not too late to replace the good ultra-long lens.


Bird watching is an outdoor leisure activity for all ages, as long as you walk outdoors to play, bird watching can be easily available, with a satisfactory bird watching telescope will make your outdoor leisure fun!