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How to become a broadcast anchor?

2018-04-14 06:24:08

"Anyone can be famous, but like a candle that burns for 15 minutes, it must eventually return to its own life." Becoming a broadcaster is the first step to fame




1. On the "Personal" page, click the "I want to Live" button or click the "Camera" in the menu bar below the app to enter the live broadcast authentication page, which will prompt you to "according to relevant regulations, you need to pass real name authentication to start live broadcast". Click "Go to Verification" to enter the authentication process.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


3. Shoot the ID card information and verify the identity information twice as prompted on the page.


4. After passing the identity verification, jump to the "Personal Information" page and improve the data according to the requirements of the page. If you have experience in other platforms, you can also provide relevant information to help the background determine whether you have the auxiliary information for the anchor.


4. After filling in the above information, click "Submit application" to complete the application submission process of the anchor, and it can be broadcast after the background review is passed.