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How to avoid window fog in winter

2018-04-15 03:12:31

Presumably everyone has encountered driving Windows fog, resulting in the failure to clear the road ahead and the rearview mirror. This is a very dangerous time for the moving car and the driver. If you encounter direct sunlight or lights on the opposite side of the car, this situation will be more dangerous. After reading this article, I believe that you can easily cope with the danger brought by this situation and reach the destination.




1, spraying anti-fogging agent and other preventive methods. Spray a little defogging agent on the car window, and then wipe it clean, you can remove the dirt and markings on the window. While polishing the glass, a thin layer of transparent protective film is formed on the glass, which can effectively prevent the fog layer formed by the condensation of water vapor on the glass, especially suitable for cold winter. It can replace antifogging agent and dish soap, soapy water, glycerin, alcohol or salt water, wait to dry and then wipe excess fibers with chamois or soft dry cloth, which can ensure that the car glass will not be fogged in a few days.


This information comes from experience


3, dish soap with dry cloth wipe. Mix dishwashing liquid with water (the ratio is 1:6), apply evenly on the glass of the car with a sponge, and wipe it off with a towel after drying, leaving no watermark. Under normal circumstances, it can effectively maintain no fog within 20 hours. Its principle is basically the same as spraying special antifogging agent, but the effect is slightly worse, which is a simple and economical method


4. Don't forget the rear windshield heating wire. At present, the models sold on the market basically have the "rear windshield heating" function, and the indication of the switch button is small. Turn on the "rear windshield heat" switch, and you can make the rear window bright in less than a minute

Matters needing attention

Fog removal in winter is a matter of safe driving