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How old is Huang Jingyu? ,

2018-05-15 09:36:21

As of 2021, Huang Jingyu is 29 years old. Huang Jingyu, born in November 30, 1992, is a Chinese actor and model. In 2016, she entered the acting circle by starring in the online drama "Addiction". In the same year, he starred in the black humor film "Gun Waist". In 2018, Huang Jingyu was nominated for the 34th Public Film Hundred Flowers Award for Best Newcomer for the modernized navy movie Operation Red Sea. In the same year, Huang Jingyu also won the 24th Huading Award for Best Actor in a contemporary TV series for the love fantasy drama Knot Love, the First Love of the Chitose Adult. Evaluation: Huang Jingyu has no cover, calm place, seemingly no heart, in fact, the heart is clear as a mirror. His handsome is not all about the face and the body, but the natural sexy. In the camera, Huang Jingyu is calm and imperious, he can interact with the camera naturally, but also calmly do the most true self. He unabashedly does what he thinks is right, says what he wants to say, doesn't care too much about other people's eyes, flowers and dirty water.