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How much does it cost to own a BMW 5 Series?

2018-03-14 06:24:00

Friends who want to buy a BMW 5 Series in the purchase of a new car are not considering whether they can afford one? Today Xiaobian will give you a calculation of how much money?


I bought a BMW 520Li in 2013. Go for a BMW financial loan! It landed at about 480,000 yuan. Three-year loan, 30% down payment, 8,222 yuan per month. These are all cars. Three years insurance in 4S buy, the first year 13,000 yuan. Because it is a loan to buy a car, so like theft insurance must buy, the loan period must be in the 4S to buy insurance, the second year 9000 yuan, the third year 6000 yuan, this year I directly to the insurance to buy only 4500 yuan, the third liability insurance 1 million, car damage insurance, car personnel insurance, excluding deductibles, traffic insurance. Maintenance sent once, small maintenance 980 yuan, large maintenance 2800 yuan.


Twenty thousand kilometers a year, an average of two maintenance a year, are small maintenance. Two years later I did not in 4S maintenance, too expensive, in the Tuhu car maintenance APP order maintenance, general small maintenance of about 480 yuan, oil filter and air conditioning filter 156 yuan are bought on a treasure to ask workers to change, 20 yuan wages. 60,000 kilometers of tires were replaced by 1380 yuan x4. There are no regular repairs.


Driving fuel consumption is not high 8.4 liters 100 kilometers, with the current oil price of only 0.55 yuan per kilometer. It's already very fuel efficient. That's 1,000 yuan a month for gas, and I use the CCB credit card to wash the car. The annual fee is 100 yuan, and the car is washed for free once a week. Pretty much. Parking fee, put the community, 980 yuan per year management fee. The fee is basically no, we only charge the highway here, all the other roads are free. This is not too expensive to raise a BMW, about 20,000 yuan a year. I think I'm saving a lot of money here.


Cost calculation 1, according to the annual average of 20,000 kilometers: a total of 36,500 yuan! Ten years is 365,000, including the car price of about 800,000 1, fuel consumption: 100 kilometers 10 liters, 95 gasoline price 7.14 yuan, a year of oil costs about 15,000 yuan. 2. Car insurance: about 6,000 yuan per year. 3, maintenance: a small insurance a middle insurance, about 3,000 yuan per year. 4, the tire battery is changed once every 4 years, and it is pushed one year: about 0.15 million yuan per year. 5, parking fee: community and unit: about 10,000 yuan per year. 6, car wash: 40 yuan once every two weeks: about 0.1 yuan a year.


Second, the car price is calculated at 400,000 yuan, ten years of depreciation, apportion to about 40,000 yuan per year. It can be seen that the annual cost of buying a BMW is 76,500 yuan, an average of about 6,500 yuan per month!


It seems that for an ordinary working family to collect, is not a simple thing