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How does the Golden Dragon Renak fight

2018-05-09 14:24:45

Golden Dragon Renak, one of the few monsters in DNF, should be unfamiliar to many players. How does DNF defeat the Golden Dragon Renak?


The Golden Dragon Raynak

DNF Adventurer Games Small games Golden Dragon Renak how to pass?

When the bottom column is cold, it is the time for the returning adventurers to play lively games, and a large number of pink suits attract many warriors to participate.


On the way, we will encounter small games. Don't watch this little game first, it will kill you.


This time the adventurer's mini-game has been updated, mainly the level monsters transformed into the Golden Dragon Raynak.


Golden Dragon Raynak, a rare monster in the city of Bakar, many players do not play this map. Golden Dragon Renak, we can't hurt him, and with more than 100 health, can be said to be invincible.


Here's a look at the Golden Dragon Renak's skills: there will be several glass frame posts, players may not understand, to fight it, but there is no.


It won't work against the transparent pillar, nor will it work against the BOSS, the Golden Dragon Renak. Although the BOSS big skill makes the player lose a lot of blood, the player returns blood by hitting the pillar and hitting the Lord, and the result is that no one can kill who. It's not a long game. It's not fun.


How does DNF break the Golden Dragon Raynak? Since Raynak the Golden Dragon is invincible, only he can destroy himself. Stand and try it in the pole.


This information comes from experience


What are the rewards for defeating the Golden Dragon Raynak? Return to the adventurer game, defeat the Golden dragon Raynak, the result burst a superior power elixir.