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How do you call me the big shopkeeper

2018-05-14 17:36:09

I'll be happy to answer your questions. Promotion Garden is a hand-woven community, mainly including hand-woven, hand-painted, food and other categories. Specific operations are as follows:


1. Register an account: Open the official website, click the "Register" button in the upper right corner to register, or scan the QR code for quick registration.


2. Establish a personal homepage: After successful registration, you can create your own personal homepage, upload a profile picture, personal introduction and other information, so that more users know you.


3. Skills show: In the "Skills Show" section, you can publish your own handmade works, including hand-knitting, hand-painting, DIY, etc., and you can also browse other users' works.


4. Academy: In the "Academy" section, you can learn new manual skills, including knitting, weaving, carving, etc., and you can also participate in offline manual courses.


5. Private message chat: you can chat privately with other users in the promotion garden to share your hand-knitting experience or creative inspiration.


6. Sign in to receive points: Daily sign in can receive points, points can be used to exchange coupons, offline manual courses, etc.


7. Participate in activities: Promotion Garden regularly holds a variety of online and offline hand-knitting activities, you can participate in the activities to get gifts and meet more handicraft enthusiasts.


I hope the above content will help you better understand and enjoy the garden!