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How do I use MACH3 software in a WindowsXP virtual machine

2018-04-14 09:36:56

Now everyone's computer is very advanced, will not install XP what the operating system, but for CNN enthusiasts, must have an XP operating system, especially with the MACH3 series software. Since no one has tried to install XP system under the virtual machine and then install MACH3 software, today to share their actual experience.


vmware software, Windows X installation version ISO file


One PC


This page is based on experience


Install windowsXP in vmware. As shown in the figure, it should be noted that the XP system image can not use the ghost version, must use the installation version, no steps to show, according to the operation prompts to go.


The last step we installed the xp system, then the next is to install MACH3 software, software installed, according to the requirements of the driver board configuration. Then, then, then shut down the virtual machine


Now comes the crucial step. Do not your PC parallel port is integrated or PCI interface, be sure to do this, otherwise even the software will always report errors. Remove the default parallel port and printer loaded by the virtual machine for XP.


When the point is confirmed, open the virtual machine again and open the MACH3 software. If your MACH3 software configuration is no problem, the driver board is no problem, and cut the power supply as required, connect the parallel port cable. Then you press the arrow key, you can control the motor

Matters needing attention

The operating system must be installed version, and do not install too much other software after the system is installed.


Please follow the driver board instructions strictly when installing MACH3 and configuring software.


When removing the default printer, make sure to shut down the virtual machine