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How do delivery businesses do promotions

2018-01-13 17:36:00

Many people like to order take-out. As a take-out business, we can only attract customers by improving our food quality, service attitude, and some preferential activities to gain their recognition, so as to get more income.


Regular customer discount. For customers who often order takeout in our restaurant, we can give some concessions to old customers in the form of discount, increase the amount of food, etc., which can not only stabilize the customer source, but also get more customers through the publicity of old customers.


Draw free of charge. It can be promoted in some ways, and at the same time take the way of lottery to free the order. Not only can we enhance our appeal, but we can also gain people's recognition and leave a good impression on our customers through the quality of our food and service.


Collect praise activities. Through the circle of friends, other ways to promote and forward our business-related information, get a certain number of likes, you can give a certain discount.


The way of cooperation. As a delivery business, we can cooperate with the delivery platforms we work with to develop and launch appropriate promotional activities. This can use the influence of the platform to attract customers.


Full minus activity. When the customer orders a certain number of take-out can be carried out preferential activities, take the full reduction method to discount, which is also a way of promotion, at the same time, you can also according to the type of food activities discount.


Orientation activities. By asking old customers to introduce new customers to order takeout, and then giving old customers certain rewards and concessions. The purpose of this way is to stabilize old customers while expanding new customer channels.

Matters needing attention

According to the local market environment and their own strength to develop activities.


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