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How can you increase your chances of success on a first date

2018-04-18 01:36:57

In recent years, more and more single aristocrats have gradually evolved into the troubles of young people or parents, not at home to push marriage is a matchmaker to pull a match, very upset, if you really want to take off the single, the first date is very important, then how to increase the success rate of dating? Let's have a look!






This information comes from experience


Arrive at the appointed time on time and don't be late. Men should learn to be punctual, do not be late in the date, even if the woman is late can not directly ask the reason for the late arrival, as a test of their own, they should learn tolerance and understanding.


You should pay attention to your manners when you eat. Being elegant and having a gentlemanly demeanor will give you extra points. When eating, pay attention to your posture, don't gobble, it is important to leave a good impression, and behave gracefully will give people a gentleman, attracted feeling.


Don't worry about paying. The man should take the initiative to pay. Take the initiative to pay after eating, do not be passive, learn to leave a good impression on the other side, payment can reflect their own atmosphere, not so stingy, haggling over every ounce.


Clothes should be dressed appropriately and put together perfectly. Wear some decent, give their own collocation extra points, temperament will also affect the feeling of attraction, their own temperament plus the temperament of dressing up, it will only be icing on the cake, perfect.


It's best not to go to the movies on a first date. The first date is mainly communication, and to see a movie, most of the time is silent, easy to immerse in the movie, affecting the mood of the date, is not conducive to subsequent communication.

Matters needing attention

Do what you should do in good faith and don't cross the line.