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Free antivirus software which is best

2018-05-15 06:24:36

Let me briefly introduce a few free anti-virus software to you


A computer


After the drug bully named the new Drug bully (Goku)




Kill virus


Just enter the name of the software


Now I'm going to show you the interface of the new bully and the computer man and as you can see the physical exam score is 100


The new anti-virus interface first opens the computer anti-virus and then a key cloud check after killing the poison can be done


It's the same for computer people but let me show you a picture


Although the memory of the new bully and computer home is higher than 360, the anti-virus function is very powerful


Here is a simple and powerful antivirus software for you to see the picture when I see antivirus like to kill the virus is simple to use antivirus is also very good


Anti-virus security protection

Functional strength or not

I believe that many people who often use computers will find that oops! There are always a variety of problems in the computer, and I do not know why, generally antivirus can not be solved, always reinstall the system, but the computer has important files. Therefore, the number of anti-virus software tools and the utility and comprehensiveness of tools is a standard to judge the quality of modern anti-virus software. An excellent anti-virus software should not only have strong anti-virus ability, occupy less CPU, and the file itself is small, but also have many features. Below show some anti-virus software function screenshots, for everyone to do a reference, as for the actual choice still need you to do it yourself. The above sentence is said by others, and now I explain here that as long as you understand more computer problems will be less


Antivirus is April 18, 2013, but now there is an official version of you can download a few days to see the effect of my long years of use of poison bully with home has never had any problems antivirus is also very strong you can comment I can answer your questions