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Film or TV drama features and watchability by country

2018-03-15 04:48:01

The proliferation of the network makes many can be seen, not only China, foreign TV series can be watched, but the proliferation of more choices at the same time also accompanied by do not know what to watch confusion, here is a brief description of the characteristics, hope to help.






American TV series often reflect social and personal disputes or contradictions, and the advantage is that the theme is broad and fresh. But when it comes to shortcomings, it is difficult to tease its drama, American TV series are divided into seasons, often broken for various reasons, and the cycle is longer to make people tired. END

Japan and South Korea

When it comes to Japanese and Korean dramas, I always think of the delicate description of feelings, whether it is a society or an individual can be well expressed, as well as the recent popular Korean face. Of course, because of personal reasons do not like to watch these most routine similar, the plot is the same, always a variety of accidents all kinds of twists and turns of the play. END

In the

There is more attention to this, there is no lack of classic blood in the war class, but more is not to restore history and mislead the masses, and ethical family parents are accompanying their parents to see, hoping that the production cycle under the general trend of short, fast food, classic difficult to surpass the situation can be improved.


TV: : See this in the mind is the idol romance drama, a lot of pure love idol drama is still very popular, but it is inevitable to cause aesthetic fatigue, but it is undeniable that the good work continues.


Hong Kong: : The current Hong Kong drama should be more famous for police solving crimes, which is also a major feature of Hong Kong, but the excessive arrangement makes people feel that there is no new.


Emotional class introduced more, but rarely see this kind, the plot is also extremely dog blood can, but to the production of intentions and actors acting points. END

Matters needing attention

Each has its own characteristics, personal preferences are different, do not fight


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