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Experience in large scale machining

2018-05-09 04:48:25

In our work, we do not do anything, we all need to sum up some experience methods, so that you can avoid some small troubles, so that our work can continue to go on normally. 1, the pulley often appears between the skid and the axle, which is the need to form a certain adsorption force between his mother, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of slippage. 2, in the large machining method, it is also necessary to pay attention to the positioning of the workpiece first, and then clamping, in fact, clamping is bound to cause deformation of the workpiece, so it is best to clamp first and then locate. 3, in the use of magnets to absorb small parts, if you put an iron plate below it, you can absorb a lot of small pieces at the same time, and after the iron plate is pulled apart, the small pieces will automatically go to the collection box, which also gives us a lot of trouble. 4, in the process of processing, if the hex wrench is too short to focus on, you can use a wrench larger than the inner diameter of the wrench inserted in the slot to use as a long handle. In fact, there are a lot of experience in large machining methods, and the above is our practical experience and methods summarized in the actual operation, hoping to let you understand the large machining methods, so that our work can be better carried out, in the event of difficulties, can also achieve a better solution, will not cause too much impact and loss.