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Enter the process of wine, vacation and ticket

2018-01-11 19:12:00

Flying pig is to provide special air tickets, train tickets, wine inn, tourist vacation, visa, tickets, car rental, bus ticket services.


Fly pig investment page, click "immediately settled" to start. You can view the qualification list and fee standard through the entry type on the home page


Click on the left side of the page to select the business identity, the right side to select business scope, shop nature, business location. The page will show the qualifications required by such businesses, as follows:


Select Merchant type


Write business information business scope for the category that needs to be opened, non-airline/ticket agent do not choose the business scope of the ticket, otherwise it will be prompted to need the corresponding qualification.


Fill in information


Upload qualification documents valid for a long period of time can be filled in a longer period of time, annual renewal can modify this period of time


The remarks of the shop name are alternate names. If the shop name is not qualified, it is preferred for reference and submitted for review. The staff shall give the audit results within the prescribed time; In the future, you can apply for an account to log in the investment promotion page to follow the progress


If the preliminary audit is not passed, the system will notify the merchant by email or SMS to log in and apply for an account to view and modify. After the merchant lands on this page, click "Modify information", complete the modification and submit according to the prompt within the specified time, the preliminary review is passed, waiting for the staff to review, the staff will give the review result within the specified time. If the review fails, the system will notify the merchant by email or SMS to log in and apply for an account to view the modification. After the merchant lands on this page, click "Modify information", complete the modification and submit within the specified time according to the prompts. After the review, the system will remind you to check the activation email by email and Wangwang, and the merchant will complete the follow-up work according to the prompt.


Activate the merchant account: Click the activation link (click immediately on the investment promotion page, click twice to automatically skip the review progress), set the merchant account password, fill in the enterprise account to complete the shop activation.


Complete real-name authentication. If the account provided by "Time" has not completed the enterprise authentication at this time, the subsequent authentication operations shall be completed according to the prompts: bank card authentication or association authentication (the business license and the relevant documents of the legal person have been verified in the application process, and the information is also synchronized to the Feizhu) Alipay association authentication, that is, the main account that has completed the authentication in the name of opening needs to be associated authentication. 7.2 Use the merchant account to log in the merchant, sign the agreement (related agreement, flying pig related agreement), and complete the merchant file information


Freeze the deposit and technical annual fee, please ensure that there is enough available balance in the account before operation, and prompt the amount to the enterprise on the public account or personal transfer page. Click lock/pay, prompt success can be online shop


Click shop line to complete the settlement.

Matters needing attention

Freeze the deposit/technical service fee within 15 days after receiving the account name and password. If you fail to do so, this application will be invalid.