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Electric jazz drum skin maintenance methods

2018-01-12 08:00:00

Electric drum fascinates many music lovers, and every time the drumstick collides with the drum head, it seems that music brings enthusiasm and enjoyment to life! Your favorite mesh drum skin after years of use, whether it has been very dirty, let us take a few simple steps to make it perfect as before.


Please pay attention to the disassembly of the drum cover and loosen the locking screws evenly in a diagonal form, as well as during installation.


Please use cleaning, gently scrub with a soft brush, in case of stubborn stains can use neutral detergent repeatedly scrub, please be careful not to scratch the drum skin.


The reverse side depends on the degree of dirt, wash, wash repeatedly after washing until no washing liquid remains, dry in a cool place, or dry with a hair dryer at low temperature.


This page is based on experience


In the face of such a clean and complete drum cover, whether it has inspired your stronger desire to play, let's roll our eyes together.