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Easy to use the open platform and common problems detailed explanation

2018-05-15 01:36:37

Yixin not only has a public platform, but also an open platform, you may not understand the open platform, the next article will introduce how to use Yixin open platform, application developers can take a look. ---- How do I share content with ETrust? ---- Here are some successful cases: ---- Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Q: AppID review speed and process A: Complete the review within three working days. At present, the application registration review only reviews the developer's qualification and authenticity, generally does not involve the application content itself, does not require the developer to submit ipa file or apk file, and does not need to submit the version containing Yixin SDK for review after the release of the AppStore or android market. However, developers are required to provide the download address of an older version of the APP that is already available. Q: Application name specification A: The AppID of the same application on different platforms must be the same. Do not include platform-related words in the application name (for example, XXX application for Android version). Q: Why does the application registered on the open platform website that has been approved not take effect immediately after the modification of the data, and the status of the application list page becomes "improving the data"? A: Once the approved application data is modified, it needs to be resubmitted for review, and it can be used normally after the review is passed. During the audit process, the approved application data can no longer be used, and the signature will show the unaudited application when sharing. Q: What should I do if the registered application name has already been registered? A: In this case, please confirm that the application name is entered correctly and that you own the application. Q: After the APP is approved, why does it still show "from unapproved application" in Yixin? A: It is generally the problem of the local cache, you can test and check the display in other machines, the local delete Yixin and the application can be solved by reinstalling. Q: When a user uses the App to send a link to a friend, how do I know if the App has been installed on the recipient's website by clicking the link? A: When we open the specified page, we will add isappinstalled after the link, that is, |0], 1 indicates installed, 0 indicates uninstalled. Q: Why do I use the Etrust SDK to share information with Etrust friends? Some messages are sent successfully and some messages fail (I can't open ETrust)? A: This is because the SDK protocol limits the size of thumbnails, and the memory size cannot exceed 64K. There are also restrictions on the size of parameters such as title and description. For iOS developers, please search for "thumbData" in the iOS manual, and for Android developers, please see the "YXMessage" page in the Android manual. Q: What are the requirements for sharing content to Yixin version? A: The android and iPhone versions must be v1.0 or above to display content shared by others. Q: How does the App know if the user has installed Yixin? A: You can use the interface isYXAppInstalled, search for details in the manual of the Yixin Open platform website. Q: Why share information with Yixin friends using Yixin iOS SDK, but can't return to the original App after successful sending, and no "From" App is displayed in the Yixin dialog box? A: To jump back to the original App, you need to set AppID to the URL Scheme in the original App. For details, see the Open platform iOS Guide. Q: Can I debug my application if it has not passed the audit? A: Both iOS and Android applications can be debugged. However, the android application must fill in the correct package name and signature; otherwise, the android application cannot be debugged. You can obtain the signature of an android application by using the signature generation tool. If the application is not approved, the source of information shared will be displayed as "from unapproved applications". Q: Why can't a confirmation box for sending a third-party message pop up after code confusion? A: need to confuse proguard configuration file. The CFG, add the following two lines of code: - keep class. Im yixin. SDK. API. YXMessage {*; } - keep the class im. Yixin. SDK. API. * * implementsim in yixin. SDK. API. YXMessage $YXMessageData {*; }