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DNF Sunshine Girl Guide

2018-04-14 14:24:12

Game guide


The guideline is as follows


In the activity, there are five kinds of play for her daughter to gain experience, which are rest, vacation, fun, good deeds and experience, which can only be carried out after her daughter is 5 years old, and the experience obtained is much higher than the other activities, so if you want her to grow up quickly, you need to do more experience.


In the five activities, in addition to experience and rest, you need to play small games, according to the progress of small games to get different rewards, so it is also very important to master the three kinds of small games.


Small game is the holiday fishing game, I believe this game warriors have played, through the left and right keys to move, C key to float to catch more fish, the more fish caught within the limited time the higher the points. In the game there will also be gold fish, puffer fish and sharks appear, catch gold fish can get more points, sharks and puffer will cause damage to reduce the remaining time, so the warriors must be flexible to go.


Minigames are fun fruit collecting, and points are scored based on the number of fruits collected within a limited time, with higher points for fruits with gold leaves. In the game, there are small animals and daughters competing for fruits, and the use of props can also summon NPC a large number of fruit, reasonable use of props and walk is also very important.


Thank you all for that