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Diesel engine power is insufficient how to do?

2018-05-09 08:00:30

In the process of using diesel engines, more or less problems occur, especially the lack of power has a greater impact. The power shortage is divided into many aspects, if the problem caused by the power shortage is targeted to reduce, it is necessary to analyze the causes of the power shortage of the diesel engine, and how to solve the problem.


The main cause of exhaust blockage is the internal dirt or excessive carbon accumulation, the result is that the exhaust is not smooth, the fuel efficiency is reduced, and the power is decreased. Therefore, it is said that the carbon accumulation in the exhaust gas should be reduced by frequent clearing.


Air filter is not clean The air filter is not clean will cause increased resistance, reduced air flow, reduced inflation efficiency, resulting in insufficient engine power. The diesel air filter core should be cleaned or the dust on the paper filter should be removed according to the requirements, and the filter element should be replaced if necessary.


Too large or too small oil supply advance Angle too large or too small oil supply advance Angle will cause the oil pump injection time too early or too late (injection time too early, fuel combustion is not sufficient, too late, white smoke, fuel will not burn enough), so that the combustion process is not in the best state. At this time, check whether the screw of the oil injection drive shaft adapter is loose. If it is loose, adjust the oil supply advance Angle again according to the requirements and tighten the screw.


Piston and cylinder liner strain Due to the serious strain or wear of the piston and cylinder liner, as well as the friction loss caused by the piston ring gumming, the mechanical loss of the engine itself increases, the compression ratio decreases, the fire is difficult or insufficient, the lower inflation increases, and the air leakage is serious. At this time, the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring should be replaced.


The fuel system is faulty (1) the fuel filter or the road enters the air or is blocked, resulting in the oil circuit is not smooth, the power is insufficient, and even the fire is difficult. The air entering the road should be cleared, the diesel filter element cleaned, and replaced if necessary. (2) Damage to the oil injection couple causes oil leakage, bite or poor atomization, which is easy to lead to a lack of cylinder and insufficient engine power. Should be cleaned, ground or replaced in time. (3) Insufficient fuel supply to the fuel injection pump will also cause insufficient power, should be checked in time, repair or replace the couple, and readjust the fuel injection pump.


The overheating of the diesel engine is caused by the failure of the cooling or lubrication system, in which case the water temperature and oil temperature are too high, and the cylinder or piston ring is easily stuck. When the diesel exhaust temperature increases, the cooler and radiator should be checked to remove scale.


The cylinder head group has a fault (1) due to the exhaust gas leakage caused by insufficient intake or mixed with exhaust gas in the intake, which leads to insufficient fuel combustion and power reduction. The matching surface of the valve and valve seat should be polished to improve its tightness and replaced if necessary. (2) The joint surface of the cylinder head and the body leakage will make the gas in the cylinder block enter the water channel or oil channel, causing the coolant to enter the engine body, if found less than it will lead to "sliding" or black smoke, so that the engine power is insufficient. Due to the cylinder gasket damage, there will be a flow of air out of the cylinder gasket when the engine is running, there will be blisters at the gasket, at this time, the cylinder head nut should be tightened according to the specified torque or the cylinder head gasket should be replaced. (3) Incorrect valve clearance will cause air leakage, resulting in engine power reduction, and even fire difficulties. The valve clearance should be re-adjusted. (4) Valve spring damage will cause valve return difficulties, valve leakage, gas compression ratio reduction, resulting in insufficient engine power. The damaged valve spring should be replaced in time. (5) Fuel injector mounting hole leakage or copper pad damage will cause a lack of cylinder, so that the engine power is insufficient. The damaged parts should be removed for repair and replaced. If the inlet temperature is too low, the heat loss will increase, and the inlet temperature should be adjusted to meet the specified value.


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Matters needing attention

In addition to the above problems, there are other reasons for the insufficient power of the diesel engine, and the inlet road of the press is blocked by dirt. In general, to make the diesel engine work normally, it is best to check regularly and find that the problem is solved in time, otherwise it will affect the life of the engine.