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Decoration how to buy lamps

2018-01-13 03:12:00

The choice of lamps in the process of home decoration is a headache, so what issues do families need to consider when buying lamps? This article to introduce


Lamps and lanterns


Budget: According to the personal lighting budget combined with the total decoration budget to judge the grade of the lamps that need to be purchased, it is recommended not to exceed 10%


The quality of the luminaire: When choosing a luminaire, you can't be greedy, but first check the quality and check whether the warranty certificate is complete. The most expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap is not good either. Many cheap lights are not good enough, and there are always hidden dangers.


Color: In addition to the color inside the luminaire, the color of the luminaire can be purchased according to your personal preference. In particular, the color of the lampshade has a significant effect on the atmosphere, and the size, type and number of lamps are coordinated with the room size, overall area and interior height.


Inspection: physical purchase is good, the quality of the goods can also be guaranteed, but now most friends have chosen to buy online, in the inspection of the link to pay attention to, long-distance transportation for lamps is still very deadly


The choice of style: The lighting of the whole house of the modern family is still very much, which should pay attention to the style of the collocation, the Chinese restaurant in the hall is European, always gives a sense of incoordination, you can print down the photos of the various favorite lamps for comparison and confirmation of the final choice.

Matters needing attention

Lamps must be designed in conjunction with the whole house