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Common skin care needs to pay attention to the key?

2018-04-12 01:36:46

Summer weather is hot, this time the skin is most prone to problems. In order to have perfect skin in the hot summer, you need to first understand what problems are prone to summer skin. Dry water, coarse pores, easy pore blockage, oil acne, dark skin, long spots......


No1, about oil control misunderstanding: In order to avoid the embarrassment of "shiny face", it is safe to enter the summer or quickly replace the whole set of oil control products. Analysis: As the temperature rises, the skin secretes more cortex, but that doesn't mean your skin will become oily. If you blindly control oil, it is likely to destroy the water and oil balance of the skin itself, and even fall into the vicious cycle of external oil and internal dry. Truth: For normal skin, it is more important to choose a moisturizing but refreshing moisturizer in the summer than to change to a full set of oil control products. At the same time, you may wish to choose an oil-control toner or lotion to apply topically in the morning, such as the T-zone, where the oil is more obvious. For the skin with more serious shiny problems, in addition to cleaning, summer care products should be mainly refreshing, usually used during the day, and at night, the pores should be allowed to breathe freely.


In the heat of summer, washing your face several times a day can not only remove sweat and oil from your face, but also help your skin cool down. Analysis: Yes, in the summer when the temperature is as high as thirty degrees Celsius, the clean and refreshing feeling after washing the face does make people feel relaxed and happy. However, it is important to know that if you wash your face frequently using cleansers every day, while removing sweat oil, it will also destroy the protective barrier of the skin itself, thus making the skin fragile. True solution: For dry skin, even in the summer, only use cleansers at night to clean. For mixed skin, apply the cleanser to the shiny T-zone in the morning and the whole face in the evening. For dry and mixed skin, the choice of cleaning products in the summer should be based on the principle of not dry after washing, and it is not suitable to use cleaning products that are too strong. Oily skin is recommended to use cleaning products no more than three times a day, and it is best to prepare a mild cleaning product and a cleaning product with strong cleaning power to use in turn, other times if you feel greasy and hot on the face, you can use direct rinse, but the number should not be too much, up to 2 to 3 times.


No3, about anti-aging misunderstanding: although it is summer, anti-aging work can not slack off, anti-aging essence, nutritional cream must continue to adhere to the use. Analysis: The reason why many people's skin becomes in constant condition after entering the summer is precisely because the seasons change, and the maintenance products on the makeup table are not timely. In fact, entering the summer, in the strong ultraviolet, high temperature and other environments, the winter "supplement" -based maintenance method may not only be unable to maintain the effect in the summer, but will increase the burden of the skin. Positive solution: In fact, from winter to spring, you should consider the use of a winter of anti-aging essence, nutritional cream and other "supplement" type of maintenance products gradually replaced. Summer should try to avoid the use of efficacy is too strong, thick texture, high moisture or not easy to absorb anti-aging essence or nutritional cream and other products, choose to moisturize mainly, light texture, easy to absorb light maintenance products.


About whitening misunderstanding: It is said that summer is the whitening season, of course, whitening essence, whitening lotion all on, 24 hours without stopping. Analysis: Although whitening is good, it should not be excessive. Positive solution: try to choose a milder whitening essence in summer. If you want to have good skin in the summer, you must first understand some of the right ways to beauty and skin care. In summer, the skin is prone to problems, is lack of water. Therefore, it is very important to use skin care products to hydrate and moisturize the skin in time, which is very important.


Skin care should pay attention to the following points: Clean skin in the hot summer, the most important point to protect the skin is to keep the skin clean, often take a bath, to avoid excessive sweat and secretions to stimulate the skin.


Pay attention to sun protection in summer, if we ignore the protection of the skin, then it is not only so simple tanning, the ultraviolet rays in the sun are likely to cause damage to our skin.


Replenish water due to rising summer temperatures. Skin moisture easily evaporates, in order to keep the skin moisturized, to add enough water to drink.


Whitening In summer, basic skin care products should be replaced with skin care products with whitening effect, such as whitening lotion, whitening cream, whitening night cream, etc.


Oil control summer to carry makeup paper towels, often wipe the skin with dry paper towels, keep the skin surface clean, prevent oil blocking pores. People with oily skin can use oil control lotion or skin balance lotion when applying makeup to keep the skin dry, and avoid using oily cosmetics.


It's important to moisturize, avoid spots, drink cold drinks in moderation, avoid mosquito bites, and get enough sleep