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Car maintenance cycle - monthly maintenance content

2018-03-15 01:37:00

Each period has the maintenance content of the car. Ofu shared with you the content of the weekly maintenance of your car, and now, learn the monthly maintenance homework of your car with you. Tire inspection can not be ignored. Should carefully check the tire wear degree, if close to the tire wear mark should be replaced in time; Check whether there is a bulge on the inside of the tire; Whether the tire has abnormal wear, aging crack and hard damage, if so, it should be replaced in time. Chassis carefully check whether the chassis has oil leakage, if found traces of oil leakage should quickly check the gear oil volume of each assembly, and timely supplement the corresponding; All the oil nozzles of the chassis should also be fully supplemented with an appropriate amount of oil. External inspection regularly inspect the car to see whether the lamp bulbs and lampshades are damaged, whether the iron parts such as the lamp holder shrapnel are rusty, and replace them in time; Check whether the car accessories are fixed in the car body; Check the condition of the mirrors. Clean and wax thoroughly clean the interior of the car and clean the luggage compartment; Clean the external debris of the water tank, air conditioner radiator and oil radiator. The maintenance of the car paint can not be ignored, and the car should be waxed regularly. Other carefully repeated weekly maintenance content: check the car engine; View various oils; Check the tire pressure; Pay attention to cleaning the vehicle. Warm reminder: monthly tire, chassis, lights, accessories and mirrors inspection, and regular cleaning for the car waxing, of course, weekly maintenance operations can not be less.