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Brilliant strokes in order of strokes

2018-03-13 19:12:00

1. Brilliant strokes are horizontal, horizontal, horizontal, vertical, skimming, horizontal/horizontal hook, horizontal fold, vertical, horizontal, vertical bent hook. 1, the color is bright and beautiful: the color of this cloth is too bright, is there a little plain? 2, refers to love; The history of love. 3. Envy: envy. 4. Last name. Third, the structure of beautiful characters is left and right structure, and the radicals are colors. Fourth, the group words of beautiful words have bright and gorgeous envy of Lustrous and charming and charming and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful poems. 1, gorgeous [yan li] bright and beautiful: color ~. ~ Dazzling. ~ The rainbow. 2, late brilliant color of late hair. Also refers to late blooming flowers. 3, love affair [yan yu] also known as "love affair". An opportunity to meet a beautiful woman. 4, the hair is beautiful [fyan] showing a gorgeous appearance or color. 5, yan q? An ancient Chinese term, specifically referring to the queen of King Li and the favored concubine Baosi of King You, referring to the beautiful wife.