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BMW trunk force open method

2018-03-14 04:48:00

More and more cars have eliminated the trunk mechanical lock, which also leads to the trunk control mechanism once broken, can only be opened in a destructive way.


BMW trunk


Electrician's toolbox


The trunk control method is divided into two kinds: cable and motor. The structure of cable is simple, and generally there will be no failure. The failure probability of motor control type is relatively high.


Some models set up an emergency handle in the trunk, this switch is actually an escape handle, you can open the trunk from inside, in the rear seat of the car removed or the backrest overturned, the cab and the trunk is through, you can open the trunk in this way.


The two holes pointed by the red arrow in the figure are drilled with a 6MM drill bit. The position of this hole is not randomly drilled. This is the hole made after finding a 3 series and comparing the position of the motor lock. Green is to determine the size of the hole


Why play two holes inside, because the trunk iron sheet is with a sandwich, some process holes on the sandwich, the first hole is biased, and the sandwich is on the sandwich, so another hole is played. The red is a hard wire, and you can open the trunk by pushing the wire forward against the red circle. Seventy, eighty percent of BMW models can be opened this way.


Remove the brand, use the cutting machine to cut a square hole according to the position of the door lock, this time you can see the door lock motor, directly to the door lock motor through 12V electricity can be. The cutting size should not exceed the number plate size, and then weld the iron sheet on, the number plate is blocked, and the sheet metal spray paint can not be seen.