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Bicolor sphere 13077 forecast

2018-05-08 17:36:18

For the two-color ball 13076, 168 color especially for you to analyze the next 13077 most likely to win. 1, parity ratio: the number of even balls in the previous period is more, and it is predicted that odd numbers will be compensated in this period, and the curious even ratio will be 3:3 or 4:2 in this period. 2, serial number: the previous period of serial code 4, this period is optimistic about serial code 1617 out. 3, the interval ratio: This period focuses on considering the trend of the first region, the interval ratio of the trend is generally high and low, focusing on the emergence of the ratio of 1:2:3 or 2:3:1. 4, and value: the previous period and value increased significantly, it is expected that the current period and value of 110 points is the best, focusing on the reference between 90-120 points. 5, 012 path trend: The recent 0 path code performance is positive, 012 path code trend attention ratio 1:2:3. 2. [Interval analysis] (Interval division: 01-12 is a zone; 13-24 is the second zone; 25-33 is the three districts) One district: the previous period of the district opened 0, this period focuses on 1 road number, prevent 0, 2 road back to fill the number, recommend 04, 09, recommend 1. The second district: The district is currently issued 3 142324, the award number refers to the middle of the drop point, the main look at the combination of 1 and 2 road codes, the reference between 15 and 17, 1 is recommended. Three areas: The area opened 3 262930, this period focuses on the reference 1, 2 road code combination to prevent 0 road out of the code, recommend 27, 32 between the number 1. Third, 【 Blue ball analysis 】 The previous issue of blue number 03, this period of analysis spacing is about 01-15, pay attention to 031415. Four, [Comprehensive recommendation] 10+3 duplex: 04091115161718272832+031415 Single Note: 091517182832+03(Analyst: Stormtroopers)