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Attention should be paid to car maintenance

2018-03-15 06:24:12

Car maintenance is something we often need to do, but maintenance also has taboos, do you understand? First: "Avoid" mechanical damage to car maintenance will be associated with many aspects, so in the maintenance: 1, should be set up obvious operation signs, to prevent other people's wrong operation and injury. 2, when starting, pay attention to the transmission of the pull situation, to prevent the car from moving. 3. When working under the engine hood, others should be allowed to leave the cab to prevent the engine from turning suddenly or others from manipulating the mechanism, causing accidental injury. 4, when working under the car, be sure to mark clearly, and cover the car with the mask wood, and use the jack to support the car, be sure to put smoothly. Second: "Avoid" stained with carburetor cleaning agent may not be known to many people, most carburetor cleaning agents contain methyl chloride, aromatic and ethanol, which are very harmful once inhaled in the nose or stained on the skin. So everyone must take precautions. Third: "taboo" with the mouth to suck oil Everyone knows that gasoline is not only a flammable explosive, but also with toxic substances. Leaded gasoline, once inhaled, will damage the nervous system and digestive tract. The fourth "taboo" in the car without ventilation for a long time to turn the engine engine in the process of action contains carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas, it is a kind of invisible and can not smell the gas. If people are in low concentration of carbon monoxide gas for a long time, it will cause headaches, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, psychological confusion and even brain damage. Therefore, if you start the engine in the garage, you should open the garage door or open the exhaust device so that the exhaust gas can be discharged from the garage at any time. Fifth "taboo" do not pay attention to the cleaning of the work site after cleaning up the car to check tools, rags and removed parts and other items have forgotten. After checking, close the lid of the car. The sixth "taboo" does not pay attention to the rotating parts and car road test protection when the engine is running, pay attention to the hands, clothes and tools away from the rotating fan and fan belt. The cars on the road test are clearly marked. During the test, the personnel must ride safely and carry out on the special test track. Many times we will use oil, cleaning agents these flammable and explosive items in the maintenance of the car, when we do this, we must pay attention to fire measures, prepare for fire prevention, and prohibit smoking near the fuel tank and battery. Because the flammable gas escaping from the tank and the hydrogen escaping from the battery are easy to be ignited. After the movement of the car, the temperature of the engine components (water tank, exhaust duct, power transfer liquid tank and spark plug, etc.) is very high. At this time, everyone should be careful about contact. The ninth "avoid" damage to the car brake fluid on the car's paint film (including the paint film of leather shoes) has a damaging effect, it can quickly dissolve the paint film. Brake fluid is harmful to eyes. If it spills into eyes, rinse it off immediately.