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A few cleaning tips in life,

2018-04-17 22:24:17

1, the clever use of fruit to remove the smell of the new car This method is very simple, especially suitable for summer car odor, such as sweat smell or air conditioning smell. Put two apples into the car, the apple will emit a very strong fruit aroma, this fruit aroma pressure over the original taste of the car, natural breathing is much easier. If you do not put the apple, you can also place the lemon, put the lemon before the best cut the lemon, so that its fruit aroma will be very good volatilization, resist the odor in the car. 2, the magic of the vacuum cleaner collection items. When the season changes, the collection of bedding, down jackets and other items occupy large storage space, improper protection and easy to mold and decay, the most headache for housewives. If they are put into a customized plastic sealed bag, and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air in the bag, it can not only greatly save storage space, but also not easy to be damp and mildew. Look for small items. Small items such as buttons, pills, bottle caps and sewing needles can be easily found with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Before use, the suction mouth of the vacuum cleaner can be wrapped with a layer of thin gauze, and then choose the appropriate wind according to the size of the item, and then switch on the power with the suction mouth to scratch around the falling object, and the falling item will soon be adsorbed to the gauze. Electrical appliances clean and dust. The use of vacuum cleaners can also be used for daily maintenance of electrical appliances such as TV sets, DVD players, computers, audio, air conditioners and so on, to remove dust inside and outside electrical appliances. When dedusting, the electrical power plug should be unplugged first, the electrical shell should be opened and removed according to the instructions, the appropriate shape of the suction into the electrical interior to remove the dust, and then use the hair dryer to remove the moisture, and finally the shell can be installed to restore the original state. 3, to the new furniture to paint the smell of small skills New furniture paint smell if too strong, you can boil the milk on the plate, and then put the plate in the furniture, close the door of the furniture, a few hours later there is no paint smell.