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12306 Unbind the bond

2018-03-15 11:12:40

The inspection has become a compulsory measure, but what if the change? In this case, you need to unbind 12306. How to unbind 120306? Please look down,12306 unbind the binding method.


12306 Software


In the application that found 12306, open the software application, log in first, enter the login name and password in turn.


After logging in, I will see some corresponding information under one of the headings of my 12306, and the reality in the second column is verified (has passed the verification), as shown in the figure.


Open the verification, open will display a response to the verification window, the next window out of your number for how many have been verified through.


Then click on the previous step to replace, then pop out a detailed rule of verification, how to verify, pay attention to things, etc.


Click the text message verification code in the picture of the fourth step to enter the text message interface, and send 999 to 12306.


After the message is sent, press the return key. You will see the interface shown in the figure. Then you will receive a text message verification code, fill in the number and text message verification code together in this form.


Don't forget to commit after the previous step. The received verification code is valid for 10 minutes, otherwise you need to get it again. But you can only get the verification code three times a day, pay attention!!

Matters needing attention

Look carefully at the operation in step 6, if the operation is wrong, it will be troublesome.